Collection: Systems

Founded in 1981, North Shore Scaffolding has been a force in the Auckland construction landscape for nearly 40 years.
During that time we have been servicing Auckland Scaffolding needs, building a strong reputation
for quality systems that allow your people to work quickly, efficiently and safely. 

You can rely on North Shore Scaffolding to provide the cover systems, scaffolding systems, hoists and propping systems
you need to meet your construction deadlines. 

Even the most challenging tasks are straight forward for our team of experts.

We offer Design, excellent Health & Safety, Quick Installation, and outstanding Project Management.

Below you find a collection of the systems we work with, and some of our latest projects, showcasing these systems. 



  • Layher Allround Scaffolding
    Layher Allround Scaffolding
  • Allround Propping
    Allround Propping used with Slim Soldiers to support car park underneath scaffolding. Project The International Apartments
  • Layher FlexBeam
    Layher FlexBeam
  • Shrink Wrap
    North Shore Scaffolding can supply the necessary structure so that you can use a Shrink Wrap product to protect your project. Shrink Wrap can be used in small and unique situations where the entire structure does not need to be covered, like in this project at Phoenix Gardens in Auckland.
  • Allround Heavy Duty Propping
    Allround Heavy Duty Propping used to support floor beam while building column is replaced. Project The International Apartments
  • Allround Bridging System
    Allround Bridging System over Fletcher House Building Site
  • Mobile Scaffolding
    Layher Uni Wide Mobile Scaffold with 2 metre high deck height
  • Keder Roof & Keder Roof XL
    Keder Roof 50m high on Auckland Skyline - Layher Feature Job
  • Rubbish Chutes
    Rubbish Chute with rubbish skip
  • Stair Access
    Layher Scaffolding Stair Access
  • Geda Hoists - 500 & 1200
    Geda 1200 Hoist