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Founded in 1981, North Shore Scaffolding has been servicing Auckland Scaffolding needs for nearly 40 years. We have the expertise and gear for any job. 

North Shore Scaffolding is Your Solution for your scaffolding project. We offer design, excellent Health & Safety, Quick Installation, and outstanding Project Management. We have robust processes and highly trained staff that acknowledge the importance of providing a safe working environment for all.

You can rely on North Shore Scaffolding to provide the cover systems, scaffolding systems, hoists and propping solutions you need to meet your construction deadlines. We have built a strong reputation for quality systems that allow your people to work quickly and efficiently.
Health & Safety is at the core of everything we do.

From High Rise to Housing Communities, the Waterview Motorway Tunnel to the 'Iconic' Queen Street Santa - North Shore Scaffolding has been involved with it all.
Even the most challenging tasks are straight forward for our team of experts.
A founding member of SARNZ, North Shore Scaffolding has helped shape the industry and we continue to push for ever-improving Health & Safety and Innovative new ways to improve efficiency for our clients.

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In 2021, North Shore Scaffolding is celebrating 40 years.
Read about the history of our company, see historical projects, the evolution of scaffolding over the years, and our connection to sailing here.