Keder Roof 50m high on Auckland Skyline - Layher Feature Job
Keder Roof preparing for crane lift into position
Keder Roof being craned into position
keder roof having roof sheets installed.
Layher Keder Roof on Kerikeri Stone Store. New Zealand's first store.

Keder Roof & Keder Roof XL

Keder Roof is a highly durable, reusable, Temporary Roofing System designed to work with Layher Scaffolding.

The Keder Roof sections can be installed with a crane, which saves time during the build process, ensuring that you can get your job covered faster and started sooner. The Keder Sheets are highly durable and reusable and they can be installed in almost any weather. This again helps your project start sooner and ensures you are keeping to your project timeline.

There are two variations of the Keder Roof System. The original Keder and the newer Keder XL. The Keder XL is able to span further and offers more adaptation than the original Keder Roof. North Shore Scaffolding offers both systems and we will use the most efficient system for your job. 

Why use Keder Roof over Shrink Wrap?

  1. Keder Roof is a more eco-friendly alternative. Keder Roof can be used multiple times, unlike Shrink Wrap Plastic.
  2. Keder Roof is faster to install. The trusses lock together and the bracing simply clips into place. Keder Roof can be assembled on the ground and lifted into place by a crane, saving time during the build process.
  3. The Keder Roof is a system that is supported by design and quality building standards, enabling engineers to calculate to meet weather and environmental live loadings. This, in turn, gives the Keder System a superior wind range to Shrink Wrap.


North Shore Scaffolding used this system in the following featured projects:

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