Wally Noble Health & Safety Award

After a tragic workplace accident, North Shore Scaffolding instituted an annual Health & Safety Award in the name of Wally Noble.

It is presented to the most safety conscious NSS scaffolder by Wally himself at a yearly event.


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Wally Noble

In Wally's own words:

"Leaving school at the age of 15 years old with no qualifications and a checkered education presented very few career choices for me as a young man. Fortunately, with the support of my parents I was able to secure a job as a scaffolder in the construction industry.

This became my career choice by default, however I became passionate and invigorated by the challenges it presented. My introduction to the Scaffolding industry in the early 1980’s in terms of Health & Safety was confusing to say the least. As a young man learning my trade and working for various scaffolding companies, I would be continuously confronted with varying standards of health & safety practices, which in turn created a safety culture within me that had indifference. The ‘indifference’ meaning an inconsistency of continuous good safety practice, and also meaning a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude!.

Seriously injured as a result of a workplace accident in 2007 (Paralysis from chest down), my whole world was in turmoil! I lost my physical abilities, I lost my business and for a period I had lost hope UNTIL…

Now, I have educated myself, activated myself, and reinvented myself to give back by sharing my knowledge to all industries.

My Health & Safety Presentation seeks to give understanding of what made me/and others a ‘She’ll Be Right’ character, and supporting the process of transforming poor Health & Safety attitudes."


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